A Portrait For Life

Years of experience painting people's portraits eventually led to the inception of Portrait Landscape in 2010 in San Francisco. Individuals were encouraged to connect with the artist via Facebook at the time the social media was gaining steam. Claire Pasquier painted hundreds of people during a residency at the SFMOMA Artists gallery and had an exhibition there.

Comme jusqu'au XXème siècle, il faut un temps de pose (ou pause?) pour "se faire tirer le portrait". Aujourd'hui face à moi, cela prend deux heures. Poser face à face peut être intimidant mais c'est là toute la part interprétée et humaine d'un portrait peint. En même temps, vous pouvez regarder le peintre autant qu'il vous regarde, c'est un échange de bons procédés :)




The idea for this project came in Paris when I opened my gallery. The window overlooked a small busy street, I watched all these people go, they never stopped. The same rate as in the corridors of the metro. I felt the need to communicate with all these people and to stop ignoring them. Each portrait is an issue at the same time a mutual encounter.

San Francisco was another opportunity to see people everywhere, but from everywhere too.

I now live back in France, in Bordeaux. Even if we are all made alike, each person reveals something different. Beside all the persons that are interested in this project, I would like to paint everybody I meet everyday. We only live once!



My name is Claire Pasquier and I’ve been a professional artist working out in Paris, San Francisco and now Bordeaux. Shortly after I graduated from the "Art Décos" school (Ensad, Paris) I moved to California. There, I developed two artistic styles. One is about traditional painted portraits. The other one is influenced by moire effects found in old television screens currently being exhibited in a variety of galleries:

-ArteRed gallery in NYC

-SFMOMA Artists Gallery in SF

What else? Oh yes, my literature teacher is now the first lady of France and I acted on stage beside Emmanuel Macron ;)


Thank you for your interest.  It takes two hours of sitting to have your portrait painted. It's a mutual encounter between the painter and its model. Claire paints in her home studio or can go to people's place. For any inquiries, questions, here's Claire Pasquier contact.

Merci de votre intérêt. Claire peint dans son atelier ou peut se déplace sans difficulté. N'hésitez pas à lui écrire un email pour toute question. 


Bordeaux, France